localwiki export / import

"Our dream is for LocalWiki to not only be the best way to learn and share knowledge about your local community, but also to be a platform upon which a countless civic and locally-relevant applications will be built. In the same way that OpenStreetMap has become a platform for open, cartographic knowledge, we hope that LocalWiki can become an open, global platform for local knowledge and human experience--places, people, neighborhoods,...everything!"  - API Documentation 

localwiki 算是親切的圖文書寫介面,適合一般大眾共筆編輯,也很方便建立地理資料,希望完備平台匯出以及匯入功能,讓一般書寫者可以批次匯入,也可以讓共筆成果打包,作為其他應用的素材。


匯出 localwiki 的內容(文字、表格、圖片、地理資料...)